About Friends of the Truman Foundation

Who We Are

Friends of the Truman Foundation is the nonprofit partner of the Harry S. Truman Scholarship Foundation. Friends of Truman raises, manages, and disburses private (nongovernmental) donations and support for the operations and activities of the Truman Foundation. Friends has a small board and is managed by volunteers—all seasoned Truman Scholars—who care deeply for the Foundation’s mission to inspire and support Americans from diverse backgrounds and from across the United States to public service leadership. Friends of Truman relies on the generous support of Truman Scholars, private citizens, and foundations to ensure that the Truman Foundation can continue strong as the Presidential Memorial to Public Service, the official federal memorial to our thirty-third President, and a beacon for public service leadership in the United States.

Our History

Friends of the Truman Foundation was incorporated in Washington, DC, in October 2016, as a support organization for the Harry S. Truman Scholarship Foundation. It was recognized as tax-exempt nonprofit organization [501(c)3] in May 2017. Friends of the Truman Foundation was initiated by members of the Truman Council, a leadership advisory group currently with twenty-nine seasoned and experienced Truman Scholars, formed in early 2016 to lead and assist the Truman Foundation’s fundraising and communication efforts. The Truman Council meets quarterly, and members assist on all fronts with the development activities of Friends of the Truman Foundation.