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Upcoming Events with Friends 

Friends of the Truman Foundation is proud to connect and inspire our community of public service leaders and partners. While in-person events have been suspended for the foreseeable future, we will continue to offer online programming.

Our upcoming events can be found below.

Speaking with Friends

Representation Matters: LGBTQ+ Issues in 2021 & Beyond with Ruben Gonzales, Executive Director at the Victory Institute

Thursday, June 24th at 1 pm ET

State legislatures across the nation introduced an unprecedented number of anti-LGBTQ measures in 2021, many signed into law. These legislative measures question the identities of transgender individuals, remove codified LGBTQ protections, and juxtapose access to basic human services with an individual’s sexual orientation, gender identity, or gender expression.

Ruben J. Gonzales is the Executive Director of LGBTQ Victory Institute, dedicated to achieving full equality for LGBTI people by building, supporting, and advancing a diverse network of public leaders. The Victory Institute is the only national organization dedicated to elevating openly LGBTQ leaders who can further equality at all levels of government. 

Tyler Hatch is the Director of Development and Community Outreach for Friends of the Truman Foundation. Previously, he worked alongside Mr. Gonzales at Victory Institute.