Stacy Aldinger

Stacy Aldinger (HI 06)

Stacy Aldinger serves as CARE USA’s Chief of Staff to the President and CEO, where she drives global leadership team and board effectiveness. Prior to CARE, Stacy was an Engagement Manager at McKinsey and Company specializing in strategic and operational transformations.  She built programs to reduce the cost of health care while improving quality and health outcomes, and also led an incubator for innovative solutions to diversity and inclusion in the workplace, developing particular expertise engaging majority-male groups in transformational conversations on gender bias.
Stacy previously held positions in federal government and international organizations, including the US Department of Defense, the US Asylum program, and United Nations Women in Beijing.  Stacy received her MPH/MBA from Johns Hopkins and BA in International Relations from American University.  She is a Fulbright Scholar and Truman Scholar, has been an appointed member of the California Senate Advisory Commission on Cost Control, and has served on the boards of international development nonprofit The Children’s Initiative and the San Francisco Women’s Community Clinic.