Horacio Trujillo

Horacio Trujillo (NM 94)

Horacio regularly advises philanthropies, businesses, governments and social purpose organizations on leadership, strategy and long-range planning for global development and humanitarian initiatives.  In addition, he is an affiliated researcher of the RAND Corporation, is the lead instructor on assessment and learning for The Philanthropy Workshop, the world’s leading philanthropy education network, and teaches at various universities on global development and security. 


Horacio’s leadership in philanthropy includes having served as the Director of the Metanoia Fund, a private philanthropic fund to foster inter-organizational collaboration to advance progress on global challenges, and as Director of Research, one of the members of the executive team that founded Humanity United, the human security-focused philanthropic spinoff of the Omidyar Network.


Horacio’s university teaching includes having led the development of Occidental College’s studies in international political economy, international development and human security. He has also taught at Pepperdine University (economics), Stanford University (ethics and public policy) and the University of Kabul (public policy).  His published research spans various issues of global development and security, including counterterrorism, disaster response management, prevention of election-related violence, and international action on ending mass atrocities.  


Horacio has previously served as a legislative staff member handling foreign policy and national security/defense policy in both the US House and the US Senate, and has cofounded various social purpose organizations focused on community development and social justice in the US and international understanding. 


The organizations that Horacio has advised include public and corporate philanthropic foundations such as the Gates Foundation, MacArthur Foundation, Packard Foundation, MasterCard Foundation and Nike Foundation; national and multilateral agencies, such as the World Bank, the United Nations Development Programme and the United Nations Global Compact, the US Agency for International Development and the UK Department for International Development; social purpose organizations, such as Aegis Trust, the Environmental Defense Fund and Goodweave; and initiatives to engage business in social purpose, such as the Global Initiative for Sustainability Ratings, the Sustainable Apparel Coalition, and The Sustainability Consortium.


Horacio holds degrees from Georgetown University’s School of Foreign Service, Oxford University’s International Development Centre, Stanford University’s Graduate School of Business and the RAND Corporation, where his doctoral work combined qualitative and quantitative research methods to analyze complex social issues to provide practical policy guidance.